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Launch of Project24

Today, we are launching a major donation campaign, Project24. The aim of this campaign is to raise sufficient funds to expand our Saints fleet of boats. Project24 is named after the 24% increase in the Saints fleet that we are striving for. We have sourced boats at cost, making this a one-off opportunity for the Club.

An increased fleet will be vital in maintaining our success and performance. A few weekends ago, our Senior Men’s 1st VIII set the Club Record on the Tideway, finishing 62nd as well as securing the first ever Medium Academic Pennant. This reaffirms the position of the University of St Andrews as a nationally competitive program. Whilst the result is the product of the athletes’ hard work and dedication to training, as well as our enhanced Club environment and our coaches, it is this extremely generous support from Hudson UK in providing us with a top range Hudson USP that allowed our men to achieve the very best result possible.

The entire Club would like to express our gratitude to Hudson UK, in particular Andy Groves, for their support and kindness over the past weekend. With the women’s record set last year (49th in 2018), both the womens’ and mens’ Senior 1st VIII’s club records have now both been set by crews competing in Hudson rental boats.

Two years ago, an extremely generous donor family came forward to support the program by donating a boat. Meridian, a Hudson coxed four, was purchased and has since competed at dozens of events. Meridian has seen much success, including a bronze medal performance by our Women’s Intermediate 4+ at BUCS Regatta 2018, a Challenge Academic win at Fours Head 2018 and a medal finish at Home International Regatta, used by our athletes on the Senior Scottish Rowing team last year.

It is access to such top caliber boats that allows our athletes’ potential to be secured and supports more and more athletes in achieving their ambitions whilst rowing at St Andrews. To expand out fleet, we aim to raise £35,000 by Sunday 7th July 2019.

If you would like to play a vital role in the Club’s accelerating national success, please follow the link to the University’s SaintsFunder page, where you can find more information on Project24.

Keep an eye on our social media and website to stay updated!

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