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Scottish Championships 2018

Over this past weekend, the club has been in Strathclyde Park for Scot Champs. We had by far and away our largest number of athletes attending the competition this year, with just a small number of boats attending in previous years. Friday evening saw a number of our small boats competing in time trials, with some good results across the board. Our top W2- took 4th in the TT, behind 3 crews from Edinburgh University. Another S2-, who took 4th at Lwt2- at BUCs in champ, placed 11th and moved through to contest the A/B finals over the weekend alongside the top pair. Our 2nd W2- and the other half our of top 4, took 21st and moved through to contest the C/D finals. We had two scullers out contesting men's singles. Dom and Rob took 30th and 31st respectively, contesting the E and F finals this weekend. This represents a great achievement for Rob who was a novice just last year and has become a sculler over the course of the season. We were due to have some more scullers out on the course but injury prevented their appearances.

Saturday saw the first full day of racing out on the course. The first race of the day saw our 2nd pair out contesting the C/D final semi in the W2- event. The girls took 5th in the event alongside some tough competition from: Glasgow University, Edinburgh University and St Andrew Boat Club. We had two more pairs out contesting the two semi finals for the A and B finals on Saturday morning. The top pair of Kirstin Giddy and Hannah Myatt took 3rd behind two crews from Edinburgh University. The other pair took 6th in the other semi-final and moved through to contest the B final later in the weekend.

Next up we had the two scullers racing in the F & E final of the O1x. Both boys secured 3rd place in their finals. Racing then moved to the first of our three finals in the W2- event. Alice and Skye took 3rd in the D final, just missing out to St Andrew Boat Club and Glasgow Schools, while beating Glasgow and Edinburgh University. Morgan and Jodie had a less fortunate race in the B final of the same event, taking 6th in the B final amongst a competitive field. Hannah and Kristin took 5th in the A final of the W2- event, behind a field of strong Edinburgh University crews.

The first race of the afternoon saw our WN4+ out in force on the course, taking 2nd in the heat behind Aberdeen University and moving through easily into the final of the event. The second race of the afternoon saw Alice and Kirstin take on the championship double event in a scratch crew. The girls took an impressive 3rd in the straight final for the event behind Edinburgh University and Strathclyde Park. Unfortunately racing was suspended just after this event and we had no opportunity to race the: WN4+ final or the W8+. This was a huge disappointment for the club as we were looking forward to racing the W8+ against some stiff competition in the run up to Henley as well as testing our N4+ in the final who had some great results earlier in the season at SPR and BUCS.

Sunday saw a relatively small contingent out racing from the club. First up saw the M2x, with a crew change from the original line up. Regardless, the boys took 3rd in the heat, a great result for the scratch crew. The W4+ then took 1st in their heat beating: Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The boys were unfortunate to take 6th in the final of the O2x event behind a series of very strong scullers. The W4-, our crew heading to HWR alongside two others, took 3rd in the straight final of the event behind two Edinburgh University crews. The final race of the weekend saw our W4+ take 2nd behind Edinburgh University - a fantastic result to end the weekend.

We now refocus our attention to HWR and look forward to sharing those results.


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