Honorary Club Appointments Awarded For The First Time In Club History

Earlier this month, we were honoured to be visited by two alumni, John (our founder) and Thomas (a recent graduate). The club was delighted to offered John and Thomas honorary positions which they both accepted. Matt, our current president, said the following regarding the appointments:

An interview with John for which a video is currently under production!

"I said earlier that we are extremely lucky to have such a loyal, committed and supportive alumni network of former Boat Club members - this weekend we had 3 former rowers we us. Every single one of them having made a profound contribution to our sport at St Andrews, Tony having driven the men's squads 2 years ago to our first ever Henley Royal qualification - a massive achievement which should never be underestimated. In particular, this weekend, the Committee were officially recognising the exceptional contributions of John Browne and Thomas Thomson to the University of St Andrews Boat Club. During the 1960s, John Browne, studying Chemistry at St Andrews and having rowed at school in Newcastle, decided to go about setting up a rowing club for the University. After much effort and investigation, he set the venue for the fledgling Club at the River Eden in Guardbridge, recruited 12 (soon to be 6) male rowers and organised the delivery of a boat from his old grammar school on the train to Leuchars. We are extremely lucky to have had 3 visits from John over the past 3 years, to Perth and to Loch Ore as well as an exceptionally generous donation towards our coulees four/quad, Catalyst, and having spoken to him, it is remarkable how similar the anecdotes and the lessons he learnt can be to all of us in the Club today. He mentioned the need for determined, committed athletes in those first days and weeks of the Club, as well as the races he took part in, in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow and it really does give the Club a huge insight into our vitally important history. His loyalty to the Club, his friendliness and his support makes us all realise that we are so very lucky to be in the situation we are today, due to the hard work and often unrewarded efforts of former members.50 years on, Thomas Ostrom Thomson joined the Club in 2012 as a novice, becoming a senior and eventually investing in his own boat due to his love for the sport. TT's consistent and driven work ethic and commitment to performance as well as belief and trust in the bright future of our Club are all attributes, that we as a Committee, and Iain, believed should be recognised. During a dinner with both TT and John last night, TT talked of his excitement during BUCs Regatta last year whenever Alex won bronze in Int1x whilst in the IC regatta tent and this really made me personally very proud, firstly that TT was so loyal to the Club and proud to be a part of it but also because it signified that former members take pride and gratification from any of our current successes or achievements as we all will in future years. TT's (and his family's) generosity should also be noted, as they contributed significantly to several of our most utilised boats as well as donating, within the past month, TT's very own personal single for the Club - a gesture that is already making a huge difference to water sessions, particularly for our senior men.It was so nice to hear both TT and John reminisce over the times with the Club, and it really made us all realise how important it is that we never forget how we all play a part in something very special indeed. Both John's and TT's loyalty and commitment to the Club are very special and something that I believe very much deserved official recognition. It was an absolute privilege to bestow Honorary Club Captaincy upon John as well as appoint TT as Honorary Club Vice Captain. These positions provide them both with official channels to contribute to and also to be kept aware with the developments and achievements of the Club as well as giving them responsibility for the long term strategic guidance of the Club. I can already tell that their advice and support shall prove invaluable in the coming years.On behalf of the entire Club, I'd like to thank both John and TT for accepting the positions and I am very much looking forward to the future relationship that they shall have with the Club."

We look forward to working with both John and TT, another small step in ensuring a competitive and bright future for the club.

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