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Double Victory At Aberdeen 8s For The Senior Women!

Aberdeen 8s head is traditionally our opportunity to test crew selections and progress in the run up to BUCS Head and WeHoRR and HoRR. Our performances today certainly give high hope for our coming races over the next few weeks. The highlight of the results was the Senior Women who took two division wins in the 8+, replicating their feat of a double division win at the same event back in 2017.

The first division saw the: SW8+, SM4x, SM4+, NW8+, SW4+ and NM4+ in action. The Senior Mens' quad placed 3rd overall as the fastest non-8 of the division, although the boys were only a timed event so had no opportunity to medal. The mens' four also were only in a timed event, but had an opportunity to get up to race pace outside of the confines of Loch Ore. The Senior Women powered through in the eight, comfortably defeating the composite from University Rowing Aberdeen by an 11 second margin. The novice women suffered some serious bad luck in a rented 8+, with multiple equipment failures preventing them from a fair and contested race effort, regardless it was a determined race from the novice women, who will return in force later this season. The SW4+ were also a time only category but held out for a competitive row down the course preparing for BUCS Head next weekend. The NM4+ had their first racing experience but with a time only category, were unable to place themselves against the competition.

The second division saw the: SW8+, SM4x (Lwt), SM4x, NW8+, SW4+ and NM4+. It was a similar series of results to the first division with the Senior Mens' crews posting time only results with a good showing up at race pace ahead of next weekends racing. The Senior Womens' eight swept up a division win again and the novice women suffering similar equipment issues to the first division. The two other fours put in good racing efforts, with true racing tests coming over the next few weeks. Overall, a fantastic success to the start of our second semester racing season and promising results looking forward to BUCS Head and WeHoRR and HoRR. #gosaints

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