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Winter Training Camp 2018

The club usually travels abroad in January for our Winter Training Camp, but in a shake up to the season this year we returned to Scotland two weeks early for our camp with the novices returning in our second week to get some training in ahead of the return to the academic semester.

Despite being blessed with some classic Scottish weather, the camp has provided some excellent opportunities for large boat trialing and selection in the run up to WeHoRR and HoRR later in this season. The senior women have been very focused on their WeHoRR performance this year, after an outstanding record finish at 56th in 2017. The squad is larger than it has been in previous years, creating a competitive training environment which is really pushing the squad to a higher standard than has been common in the last couple of years.

The senior men are a primarily sculling focused squad this year with the main focus on singles and doubles throughout semester one with some fours work but few appearances in the eight. Despite this, the men are heading into HoRR confident of being able to post a club record, with Alex having appeared at GB trials, Joe medalling at indoors and the rest of the men posting brilliant scores on the ergo throughout the first semester and testing well during winter training.

The novices squads are making superb progress and continue to during the training camp, with the women sweeping very nicely for this stage of the year, enjoying access to the eight on a regular basis. The novices men are also progressing well in the quad, with the hope of developing into senior scullers by the end of the year.

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