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2nd At Scottish Rowing Indoor Championships

Last Saturday, the club headed over to Glasgow for our second race of the season. Three weekends ago the club had a record performance at Aberdeen Small Boats and Fours Head and we hoped to replicate a record breaking run at Scottish Indoors and the weekend did not disappoint.

The indoor champs provided the first racing run for our two novice squads, with a contingent of ten novice women and a smaller group of six novice men. The novices had a 1,000 meter straight personal piece followed by a team relay. The novice womens' competition is usually a packed affair, with this year proving no exception! Despite the tough competition, the novice women delivered some fantastic results, with Charlie Deacon taking a very close second place to Edinburgh Uni with the potential to place in the top 3 nationally with one or two events left to declare. This was without a doubt our first novice medal at indoors - congratulations Charlie! The novice men also faced tough competitive from the large novice programmes at Edinburgh and Glasgow but also produced some strong results. Nicholas Blavatsky-Yeadon placed 12th overall, with a strong first racing performance. The other boys were scattered across the mid 20s to low 30s, some promising results for this stage in the season.

For our senior athletes, Scottish Indoors is an opportunity to rank ourselves against our major Scottish rivals and set up the long cold months of winter training. The men had some mixed results in the heavyweight category, with only two of our men in this event this season. Alex placed 20th overall, a strong result amongst some excellent performances from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The men had five athletes entered into the lightweight University event this year, with a fantastic performance from Joe securing him the silver medal. Chris Bock was closely following, with 6th overall. The remaining men took 10th, 12th and 14th, a brilliant set of performances for this stage in the season.

The women found similar successes in their 2k events, with Kirstin Giddy leading by examples in Women's heavyweight, securing the bronze medal. Morgan Hartley put on a brilliant performance in the lightweight category also securing bronze.

These four medals are the club's first at indoors - a brilliant start to the winter training period. Long hard months to come with more medals in the new year.


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