Inverness Winter Head Results

Travelling back up north for another weekend of racing, this time with a bigger fleet of both our men's and women's squads testing their mettle, Inverness Winter Head Race yielded another successful weekend for the club, for Seniors and Novices alike. Over the course of the two days 8 of our crews entered came away with medals, with these featured in bold in the expanded results below.

Saturday 18th Feb

Division 1:

  • Womens Open 4- (1st of 1)

  • Womens Novice 8+ (3rd of 5)

  • Mens Open 1x - Alex Chisholm (1st of 2)

  • Mens R1 1x - Oscar Nick von Hannover (1st of 3)

  • Mens Novice 2x (2nd of 9)

  • Mens Novice 2x (3rd of 9)

  • Womens R1 2x (1st of 2)

  • Womens R1 2x (2nd of 2)

Division 2:

  • Womens Open 8+ (1st of 1)

  • Mens R2 2x (1st of 3)

  • Mens Open 2x (2nd of 2)

  • Womens Novice 4+ (2nd of 8)

  • Womens Novice 4+ (6th of 8)

  • Womens Novice 2x (3rd of 7)

Sunday 19th Feb

Division 1:

  • Mens Open 2- (1st of 4)

  • Womens Novice 8+ (Tied 1st of 3)

  • Womens Open 4+ (1st of 1)

  • Mens R1 2- (1st of 1)

  • Womens Open 4x (1st of 2)

  • Mens R2 2- (4th of 4)

Division 2:

  • Mens Open 4+ (1st of 1)

  • Mens Novice 4x+ (1st of 4)

  • Womens Novice 8+ (1st of 1)

  • Womens Open 2- (1st of 2)

  • Womens Open 2- (2nd of 2)

  • Womens R1 2- (1st of 1)

In addition to this array of positive results the club finished 2nd place in the overall Victor Ludorum, beating some of our main rivals across the Scottish University boat clubs.

Victor Ludorum

1st Strathclyde University

2nd University of St Andrews

3rd Edinburgh University

4th University of Stirling

5th University of Dundee

6th Heriot-Watt University

(Photo credit Samantha Marcus)

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