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Double win for Senior Women!

After an early start and conditions that only seemed to worsen the further north we drove, both the senior and novice 8+ crews had some trepidation regarding our upcoming races at Aberdeen Head. While excited to be back racing after a Christmas apart and an exceptional training camp, our novices in particular had some misgivings about the event to come, especially as this was their first ever race.

However in classic UStABC style, we adapted to the weather and hit the water. While the Senior Women (and a strong tailwind) made quick work of our first 3km race, finishing first in the Women's Open 8+ category, our novice women were less lucky, with footplate issues rendering them one woman down for the first outing. Nevertheless, both crews completed a rapid turnaround and were back on the water for a more successful second race.

Below are the results:

Wom Open 8+:

1st - Univ St Andrews (Myatt) - 10min 18 seconds.

Wom Nov 8+:

2nd - Univ St Andrews (Wood) - 12min 32 seconds

Wom R2 8+:

1st - Univ St Andrews (Marcus) - 11min 14 seconds.

5th - Univ St Andrews (Wood) - 13min.

The club hopes to match the success of this past weekend as we move forward, to our more immediate challenges in Inverness this coming weekend, but also looking ahead to Women's Head of the River in London, BUCS Head and beyond.

Photo: The winning Senior Women's 8+ (missing: Hannah Myatt)

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