GRC Regatta 28/05/16

The club had another successful day this past weekend at the Glasgow Rowing Club Regatta! Although much of our club has returned home for the summer, our remaining rowers formed a variety of crews for the summer regatta and came away with 20 tankards won for the club, a wonderful success for the crews as they move towards their respective Henley Regattas later this month.

Below are the details of our winning boats and their respective crews:

WR2 2- 1st. SAUBC(B)

Charlie Fling, Natasha Wood

WR2 1x

1st. SAUBC Natasha Wood

WR2 4+

1st. SAUBC Hannah Myatt, Natasha Wood, Charlie Fling, Charis Evans, Lily Steele

R2 1x

1st. SAUBC Anthony A. Poole Lehnhoff

OR2 2-

1st. SAUBC George Turner, Anthony A. Poole Lehnhoff

Mix 8+

1st. SAUBC Hannah Myatt, George Turner, Anthony A. Poole Lehnhoff, Charlie Fling, Ross Taylor, Freddie Pilkington, Natasha Wood, Charis Evans, Lily Steele.

Featured below, our rowers come together for a rare but successful mixed 8+!

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