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Ergathon 2015

Afternoon all. The University of St Andrews Boat Club's annual Ergathon benefiting Maggies Cancer Centre Fife was completed this afternoon at 12:00. We began on Friday 11 September, rowing through heavy winds and rain through the night covering 342,263 meters rowed ( 342 kilometres). For that distance we could have rowed to Sheffield. The club record, has been broken, so congrats to all who took part. We've been tweeted all over the place and reposted thanks to the work of our fantastic Committee and it's great for us within town. More important than all of that is the money we've collected for Maggies, the exact figures we'll have next week but until then thanks everyone for your hard work.

Our ergathon featured rowers new and old, and a great thanks to those who participated : Rowan Wood, Ed Woolgar, Rebecca Jackson, Lily Steele, Eileen Igboanugo, Katherine Diment, Noah Schmidt, Rosie Morton, Sjoukje Ijlstra, Lorna-Jean Nicholson-Fjortoft, Tony Poole, Thomas Ostrom Thomson, Hannah Myatt, Charlotte Horseman, Freddy Pilkington, Sam O'Hare, Dan Linger, George Turner, Henning Spreckelmeyer, Oscar Nick V Hannover, AJ Dowthwaite, Aran Garrod, Charis Evans and Isaac Amick.

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