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Tour 2015

Every year, both the senior and novice squads travel abroad to train over their spring vacation to take advantage of the time off from school to train for the upcoming races in the Spring that comprise the pinnacle of British races: SUCS and BUCS.

This is a crucial time for the Club to solely focus on rowing for one week without the distractions found in St Andrews. We take advantage of the nice weather abroad and the abundance of water time and coaching to sharpen our technique and build up our endurance for the races in April and May.

In the past, the Boat Club has traveled to Portugal, Greece and the Netherlands. This year our team ventured to the Northern waters of Banyoles, Spain, where we spent a week training at el Club Natacio de Banyoles.


With over twenty novices, seniors and coaching staff the week was filled with water sessions in small boats and our racing eights. The week provided the novice rowers an opportunity to try sculling in singles, going out in pairs and making their first attempts at race starts in preparation for the spring Championships. The senior boats also gained excellent training and coaching with two coaching launches and multiple sessions everyday.

The time spent at these training camps has proven crucial to our performance. The Club has continued to perform above expectations against crews with far superior training facilities an dboats available from our host club.


The view from the slipway.

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