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Despite being a performance sport, alongside our commitment to training, the club still has a healthy social calendar for our members outside of training! Rowing brings people together from all walks of life, initiating bonds that last a lifetime. Socials remain a way to enjoy each other’s company off the water and outside of the erg room.


There is a social every week, whether it’s a night at the union or a formal three-course meal at the Old Course Hotel. Our events can be broadly placed into these four categories:

Over the years, there have been some stand-out events created by our ingenious past social secretaries that have now become yearly fixtures. One example would be House Circuits where the club jogs en masse to different stations around the town where they all complete a short exercise and a beverage challenge!

The University puts on this event once a month for all the sports societies to revel together in Club 601! The Club distributes sinners tickets to our social members and competitive members and tickets are always tight.

As regatta and headrace seasons get underway, the squads gather as a smaller group in preparation for weekend racing. These socials have encompassed potluck dinners and movie nights. Squad cohesion is at its best when our rowers share a meal and enjoy a blockbuster in a cozy environment.

The club enjoys two large formal dinners a year – Christmas and Annual Dinner. These are an opportunity to enjoy the luxury of some of St Andrews finest dining establishments such as the Dolls House and the Old Course Hotel. Guests can expect a three-course meal with wine, speeches from Alumni and annual squad awards!

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