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"This season the novice mens team will be looking to build off the enormous success the entire boat club experienced last year. With the previous squad record being 6th place at BUCs, this year we will be looking to surpass this record. Ultimately this squad has two main goals: firstly to win BUCs medals, and secondly to provide top athletes to the senior mens squad in coming years that will go on to be the future Henley semi-finalists, and BUCs medalists. Rowing is an intense sport both physically and mentally. Every day each man must push themselves and each other to their limits. Rowing is not a sport of individuals it is a sport of many minds and bodies, thinking and moving as one. Working hard towards towards the same ultimate goal, the bond between teammates will never be lost. Being a part of University of St. Andrews Boat Club is an immense honour and privilege, it is truly a special and unique experience. Being a part of the team is being a part of something bigger than any single person could ever hope to be. After the season the novice men will become a part of the team’s legacy and leave behind one of their own that next years novice men will strive to improve upon."


Aidan Graham, Novice Men's Captain 2019/20


Callum Clarke Economics | Cumbria


Callum Macintyre International Relations & History | Kenya


Erik Dahl History | Arizona


George Ahl International Relations | Connecticut


Issac Johann Li Computer Science | Hong Kong


Jonathan Horn Maths | Bo'ness


Lewis Gladwin History | Burton-upon-Trent


Quenton Hurst Medicine (Postgraduate) | Rockport, USA


Rupert Schulenburg International Security (Postgraduate) | Cheltenham


Sebastian Pettersson Finance & Management (Postgraduate) | Stockholm, Sweden

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