Thank you for taking the time to visit this section of our website. The Boat Club is consistently expanding and developing and the nature of the sport of rowing comes with enormous financial pressure on both the existing club structures and individual athletes. In 2017, we published our 7 year development plan from 2017-2023. This ambitious plan requires fundraising efforts carried out on an annual basis alongside continued support from the University and Athletic Union at St Andrews. 

Over the summer we successfully completed Project24; a fundraising scheme which allowed us to buy 2 new boats. Alongside we have a long term fundraising scheme, which is based around our Eden Fund scheme which aims to sustain our competitive performance for future generations of Saints rowers.




Named in honour of our alumni and supporters club, the Eden Fund is our new annual giving scheme, which allows supporters of the programme to make an annual donation to support the development of our fleet. Following the recent release of our new growth and development strategy, and in line with the rapid development of the club that has been seen in recent years, we are excited to introduce this scheme. The Eden Fund will help ensure a sustainable future for the club, allowing generations of athletes to achieve their performance goals within a continually developing environment.


The scheme involves an annual suggested minimum donation of £60, with donations held in a secure account until sufficient funds are raised to facilitate the purchase of a new addition to our fleet. 


Please see below about how to support this initiative and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




Given that we are affiliated to the University of St Andrews, a charity registered in Scotland No. SC013532, we are eligible for Gift Aid and the United States IRS recognizes its American Foundation as a qualifying tax-exempt public charity to which tax-deductions can be made.

There are two ways to donate to us. Through the University of St Andrews Gifts website (for UK based donors) or the University of St Andrews American Foundation (for US based donors). Please click the desired box below to be directed to each secure website and see the specific instructions for each page below. 

If you are from outside the the UK or the US, or if you have any queries at all relating to this, please get in touch with our Development Officer, at

1. Enter your donation amount - suggested annual donation of £60

2. Designate: "Boat Club (New boat)"

3. Specify "November 1 of every year"

4. Add the additional information

5. Complete the form to finalise your contribution to the Eden Fund HERE.

5. Your donation will be processed and the club will be in touch!

1. Enter your donation amount - suggested annual donation of £60

2. Select a donation frequency of "annually"

3. Apply my donation to: "Sports Club - Boat Club (New Boat)"

4. Add the additional information

5. Complete the form to finalise your contribution to the Eden Fund HERE.

6. Your donation will be processed and the club will be in touch!