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In January 2015, Saints Sport embarked on the next chapter in their history, beginning a major £14m redevelopment and extension of the Sports Centre. These new facilities will cement a major, seven-year investment in sport at St Andrews, bringing our indoor facilities in line with the rest of the estate at University Park and offering members greater capacity and the opportunity to participate in a far wider variety of sports at higher levels.

Over the past two years the indoor sports facilities at the University have been transformed following the construction of a new eight-court sports arena and the refurbishment, extension and modernisation of the original sports centre building. Work has now begun on the final phase of the redevelopment, which will see a new four-court indoor tennis centre installed at University Park. 

Within the Sports Centre, the club has access to one of the sports halls where we have a space for erging and circuit sessions. We also have access to the high performance suite as part of the high performance programme with S&C support and coaching from the dedicated Saints Sport team.

Following a move from Perth Sailing club in 2016, where we had access to a stretch of the River Tay, the club relocated to the Lochore Meadows Country Park, where we have access to more consistent weather and water conditions. Preparations are underway to make this our permanent home, with plans in place for a boathouse for our growing number of both training and competitive boats.


Loch Ore allows us much more consistent and frequent training conditions. The small size of the loch allows for easier coaching yet is large enough that all our crews are able to train at once, with access to a 1.4km stretch of water. This is supplemented by training camps with abroad and in Scotland to give access to larger expanses of water. 



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